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I Love You!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Immeasurable I ♥

It start with capital I ,
and ending with capital T :)
Did you know what i means ?
Yes my heartbeat name :)
They friend call him (IZZAT)
Yes i do love you Izzat Subri ♥ 
From my first look .
I hope i can get you
And i hope you will be mine

And one day
You text me
I did replay your text
A few minute
I got one call
It from you Izzat Subri :)
We talk and talk and talk again :B

At the day on 22 Febuary 2008
I and you have been together
Waa ! i think its was just a dream
But its is true :)

I really2 hope you will be mine
And finally i got you honey :)
Until now i still love you more than everything
I swear i never let you go from my life

I Love You , You Love Me
You Got Me , Me Get You
And we bring our heart closed

p/s: ade perasan tak kebelakangan ni post saya banyak cakap pasal die.. nak tahu kenape? sebab saya rindu sama dia lah.. adoh doh deh da doh.. haha 


  1. honey im here .
    i know that u very miss me .
    and im here miss u more honey .
    and all your entry i was read .
    thanks coz always miss and love me .
    at Disember i had a suprise for u .
    im here just wait for u .
    takecare honey and always pray
    for a good result for your final .

    your love,
    Muhammad Izzat Bin Muhd Subri.

  2. darling !! it is you ?
    ohh my god.. haha..
    i never thought you would
    comment my entry..
    thanks cause reading all my entry..
    im speechless.haha..
    okey darling i will try..
    btw what suprise?
    i cant wait disember..
    anywhere darling i love u forever..
    thanks for everythings..

    your honey,
    Nurul Najihah Binti Zabidi..

  3. cpt2 la kawin hihhihiihihihi. eh eh baik u buang je Word verification susah nk komen la dear :D

  4. im done deactive the word verification..
    hehe.. kawin? oh no we`re still young..
    and money not enough yet.. thanks..